My toddler won’t eat!

Do you struggle with getting your 2-4 year old to eat? Are they picky eaters? What about getting them to eat healthy! Let’s just say, The Struggle is Real! After some google researching, doctor visits, and follicle pulling I’ve come to realize that they will eat when they are ready. To be honest, just because you’re hungry doesn’t mean they are! I have struggle with picky toddlers for the past eight years. I have a nine year old, seven year old, five year old and a two year old and every one of them have had a period where they refused to eat anything.

I’ve even had friends who I have watched struggle and get frustrated because their child wouldn’t eat!! Now let’s be clear, when I say not eat I mean maybe they won’t eat breakfast but will eat lunch and maybe dinner. Or they will eat breakfast but won’t eat lunch. We also have to remember their belly’s aren’t as big as ours. So consider maybe they are still full after a breakfast and morning snack!

Making an appointment and getting advice from your child’s primary pediatrician is the best solution but here are a few things I have done to lower the stress!

1. Don’t force them to eat. Seriously! If they are hungry and want to eat, they will eat. Children are not like adults. If their brains tell them to eat then that’s what they are going to do. Unlike adults, we tend to wait and wait and wait. Knowing that we haven’t had a meal most of the day.

2. Try some fun foods! I am a fanatic. The ideas are almost endless. You can make shapes out the sandwiches, or make a grape caterpillar. Maybe for breakfast make pancakes in a fun shape or character like Mickey Mouse!! Also, you can purchase cups that change colors when it’s hot or cold. Pretty neat and interesting to them. For example: (Not my pic. Photos from Pinterest)

3. Let them help you prepare! You can purchase nylon knives for them. With obviously parental guidance and help still, allow them to cut their sandwiches in half or their fruit and veggies!

4. Dinner is probably the most difficult time because it’s hard to decide on what will occupy their minds to eat. Well typically by the end of the day our little munchkins want to eat! But you can definitely make it more interesting for your toddler. At this time try not to turn on the tv or give them any electronics. I’ve found that when their little minds are occupied by the virtual world they don’t want to eat and it’s a fight to get them to stop what they are doing to sit at the table and eat. Again, let them help you prepare. If you’re not comfortable with them being around the stove(well of course at 2-4yo) then let them prepare the table. A plate with colors or the food group may help as well. For example:

4. Have a basket of fruit, veggies, or their favorite snack accessible! Maybe a small table at their reach will help. Through out the day when they get hungry, even if it’s not around the scheduled time you eat or snack, they will have something in arms reach when they are ready.

All of these things have worked for my family! It’s not 100% guaranteed that it may work for yours but I’m very confident it’s worth the try. Again, please if you are concerned about your toddler eating then contact his/her doctor. It’s very important that you have an educated and professional advice about your child’s diet. Nonetheless, I hope you find these tips helpful. Let me know if any of them work for you and your toddler and leave a comment if you have any other ways to encourage our toddlers to eat. I would love to hear them.


Put The Phone Down

One night, I was sitting on the couch scrolling down my Facebook timeline. I’m not sure what kept me so entertained because most post were super boring and irrelevant! Once my attention broke, I looked up and around and everyone in my family were on an electronic. Including my two-year old! Not even kidding! I had to stop and say what in the world are we doing! It was like we all were in our own little universe. I had to do something. Of course at first the kids especially didn’t like it but my husband was 100 percent on board. Every other day we completely take electronics away! No television, No phones, No tablets! When we are all together our focus will be each other. From time to time, when we are doing something creative, I will grab my phone for a quick post and a few pictures, but that’s it.

That night made me think, this is what happened to families. We get so stuck on other things we forget what’s and whose really important. We, not intentionally, neglect each other because we are in the zone of the electronic world! I’m challenging everyone who reads my blog to put their phones down. Pick certain days out the week and dedicate it to yourself and your family. Here’s a few things we do as a family in Family Night:

  • Every Friday is craft night. is a great place to surf for crafts and DIY ideas! You can follow me on pinterest at House of Eight mom
  • On Saturday we like to go out about on the town. Downtown Wilmington, NC is very relaxing but have multiple activities going on every week for children and adults. Must mention all the beaches we have and they are beautiful!
  • Every now and then we will have movie night. I like to go to one of our favorite places and buy a big bag of popcorn and invite other families to come over. Most of the time it’s a children’s movie so I make sure there are things adults can do. Typically it consist of beer, wine, and a nice fire in the backyard. I buy bubbles, chalk, and jump ropes to take out back as well so when the movie is over they will have something else to do!
  • Baking!!! Baking is an awesome way to connect. I love cupcakes. I usually do them and relate it to the holiday that month! The kids help out with all the ingredients and decorating. Honestly I don’t have a special recipe just yet! But I’m working on it for traditional reasons. (This May be another way to come together as well)
  • Get Fit! As of now I am considered high risk 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so I have to take it easy working out, so I usually just watch. However, my husband likes to get out sometimes and run or lift weights in the garage. The kids absolutely love it. We bought weights small enough for them. For examples 2lb to 10lb weights. There’s that and cardio as well to keep them busy and fit. You know something other than electronics!
  • Last but not least, I like to have them only read and draw a few times out the month. Nonetheless, we read 20 minutes everyday but on those few days a month that time is extended! I don’t want to suck the fun out it but I want the kids to realize that reading is very important as well and it can be fun. So, when we have a night like this I give them the option to be able to create their own books!

As a family of Seven, soon to be eight, we are very busy. Especially when we factor in all these activities we like to do to stay close-knit. Pay attention, when you go out you will see a family and everyone will be on their phones. The daughter, the son, the mother and father. Take this challenge and make it a tradition. Let’s bring back traditions!! I hope you find this list super handy or even make some of your own and I would love to hear them in the comments. Family blessings to you all!

Mommas to Bee!

A million and one emotions and thoughts going through your head when you first find out you’re about to be a parent, can be an emotional roller-coaster. First, you’re in disbelief, then you get excited. You begin thinking about all the important people in your life you want to tell but then you get anxious and nervous. “I can’t believe I’m about to be a mother.” or “Oh my gosh, am I ready for this?” These may be a few questions you ask yourself. But let’s be honest, is anyone 100 percent ready to be a parent?

My first thoughts were all of the above. I was excited, nervous, and second guessing how prepared I am to take care of a child. On top of every feeling running through my veins, I was young. I had my first child at 19 and it was the scariest thing I ever had to face at that time. I didn’t know if me being young I would suck at parenting or if I could financially support this child or even give her all the love she needed. However, when the excitement kicked in, I took parenting classes and labor/delivery classes as well. At my doctor visit I took a list of questions and I made sure I understood the answer my OB gave me. My mother was awesome at parenting in my eyes. So distilled in me is everything I’ve watched her do for my siblings and I. I have to be honest, I wasn’t ready for the middle of the night ups and downs, or the 104 temperatures, the bumps and the bruises or even the non-stop understandable cries. How could I be? I never had to deal with the situations until becoming a parent. But when your motherly instincts turn on automatically you do everything in your power to make sure your children are safe, healthy and happy! Here are a few things that may help you prepare even further:

  • Call and make your first appointment for you and baby. You can ask your primary doctor for references or if your primary take OB patients then make your appointment right away. Your health and baby health is very important!
  • Decide how and who you would like to tell. Sharing this life changing news with the ones closest to you will be great for support.
  • Be prepared to purchase a few clothes so that your belly will be extra comfy.
  • Get your rest as much as you can. Your body needs all the rest it can get, for baby’s growing limbs and obviously your energy.
  • Pay attention to your food intake. Healthy foods are a must. You can check with your OB at your first appointment and see what foods are best for you and baby. Also, a great question would be about getting or staying fit.(Exercise)
  • Take it easy. Find a way to cut back on house duties and running errands unless its more than necessary. But don’t wear yourself out!!
  • To pass time by, maybe picking up a first time mother book will interest you. Theres nothing wrong with reading up on some extra tips and ways to take care of baby.
  • Create a baby registry. This is another way to pass time by.
  • is an awesome way to get mommy tips, ideas, and items.Not to mention how addicting but exciting it is to create boards for baby showers and what to get for baby. Pinterest also have free printable checklist to prepare for baby and hospital stay.
  • The closer you approach your due date, start gathering your items and supplies to pack for your hospital stay. For example,
    • Towels
    • Music
    • camera
    • phone and Charger
    • Book
    • Clothes to go home in for you and baby
    • Car seat
    • Robe and slippers(if preferred. Hospital usually provides non-skid sock)
    • Insurance and license
    • Tooth brush/paste, deodorant, body wash, lotion, and grooming utensils
    • Shower flip-flops

Basically the essentials. You don’t have to over do it. Your time at the hospital is very precious. When I went into labor the staff provided Pampers, clothing and blankets for baby,  alcohol pads, nipple cream, pads, gown, socks, pillows, pacifier, brush and comb for baby, they even provided a breast pump when asked. You will have around the clock doctors and nurses, and nurse assistants to help you car for baby and get your rest. Also, carrying everything to the car when its time to leave can be a bit frustrating. Honestly, you’re just ready to get home to your family!

Don’t be nervous or anxious about getting ready or not being ready for your beautiful bundle of joy. You will be an amazing parent and it will all come naturally, on top of some tedious “mother to be,” research. So of course, read and ask questions. You remember the saying when you were in school, “No question is a dumb question.” Well in these case this is so true. Ask Ask away! Good luck and Congratulations on your blessing, Momma to bee.

Motivational Monday-2

I love this quote! For a long time I struggled with what other people had to say. I did! I let it control my emotions and my actions. Once I realized that no matter what I chose to do in life, someone will always have something to say, I stop letting anyone control how I feel about something. My emotions are my emotions they are not someone else’s. Learn this quote and take it everywhere with you. The peace is definitely worth it! If you have dreams that no one else believe in, then believe in yourself and go for those dreams!! Only you can make your life great and be at peace with your decisions!Happy Monday!

Motivational Monday-1

How many times have you asked yourself, “Is this what I really want to do?” I know so many people who work to make ends meet and they are unhappy within their job. I remember sitting in a class one day and the nurse said, “If you don’t love your job, find another!” Do what you love to do! You may have days where you aren’t enjoying your job but know the difference between that one day of being unhappy and that one year of constantly being unhappy. She said she have never seen so many people afraid to take a leap of faith and go for what it is that fires them up inside. Don’t know what it is that gets your gears going? FIND IT! Life is worth living stress free. She’s now retired and said she didn’t live to just exist! She went for everything she WANTED to do! She has no regrets and urge people to LIVE. I decided to take what she said in and go for what I love and even though I’ve been doing it for a very short period of time I feel so much more relieved about going for what I want. Not what others expect. It’s my life not theirs. Rather it’s family, work, traveling, or trying new things that would normally scare the crap out of you. Get up, get out and do what you love. Happy Monday!!

How I take action against the Flu!

As a mother, we all dread watching our children suffer with a common cold and fever, or even worse the flu. The flu spreads like wildfire in our household, especially with there being seven of us! Last year, 2017, my family had influenza at least twice and already within the first 30 days of 2018, they have it again. I try my best to keep them as healthy as possible, so spreads like the flu or strep throat won’t hit our door. Unfortunately, there is just no way to guarantee prevention from any sickness. I can’t stress enough keeping our hands clean but also keep them away from eyes, nose and mouth. We stock up on hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and wipes, especially during the flu season. Here are a few other tips that I have found super handy when my children are sick. Please know that I am not giving any medical advice, you should always contact your doctor when experiencing any type of medical issue. Also, these remedies works  for my family and may not work for yours. However, learning something that could help you and yours should always be available.

  • First and foremost, mommy must stay healthy herself. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and take vitamins that will keep your immune system boosted. How can we take care of our babies if we are sick too. I mean there are some super moms out there, no doubt, but it’s definitely exhausting to do. Most importantly rest when you can. I find this hard to do, because I’m always up checking on the kids multiple times throughout the night to make sure their fevers aren’t back. Also, I know I can’t be the only one that checks their breathing excessively as well, right?! Nonetheless, find time to replenish your energy aka rest!
  • As soon as you realize your children have a blazing fever, do not hesitate taking them to the doctor during flu season. Save them the misery of waiting 24-72 hours of giving them fever reduced medication to see if they will get better. The quicker you get them in to see the doctor the better. A MD informed me that you need to have flu medication within the first 24 hours or it really doesn’t help. Honestly, I was puzzled when I first heard that. However, I would still recommend the medicine to help speed up the healing process. S/N: Do not send your children to school if they even have the slightest symptom. It would make a huge difference in someone else’s home and someone else’s life.
  • Push fluids as much as possible. I like to keep my children hydrated with water,  electrolytes for children, and electrolytes freeze pops. Every 30 minutes to a hour encourage them to take a few sips of water or whatever your choice of fluids are. I do recommend staying away from anything caffeinated or with sugars such as Fruit punch, sodas, tea, etc etc. Orange juice is great but not for hydrating. The acidic fluid will hurt their little tummies. Just a small cup of O.J in the morning is fine.
  • If you don’t already give your children vitamins everyday, it may be a great idea to do so. We give our kids two every single day! When the flu strikes I purchase extra vitamins like D3, B12 and C to help their bodies fight off the viral infection.
  • We turn into mama bears when our children are hurt or sick. Well, I know I do. I started getting advice from moms all around me, whose children have had the flu. A few moms recommended putting Red onions on the bottom of their feet. Place a few cut onions in the soles of their feet and use nicely fitted socks to keep them from moving all around. This is supposed to help pull “toxins” from their bodies. However, I have found that this makes them sweat a bit. So really keeping hydrated is very very important if you decide to go this route.
  • Spending a little extra and buying cleaning products to DEEP clean your home is so helpful. Kill those germs! I mean seriously, every nook and cranny you can get to I would disinfect. Disinfectant spray have become my best friend. My house may smell like a can when I’m done but I feel better knowing that I’ve done my best getting rid of as many germs as possible. Oh, make sure you take the time to clean out your car as well. Sometimes we forget that we rode to the doctors and back or to the pharmacy and back without cleaning the steering wheel or door handles.
  • Cleanliness is closest to well being germ free. Go through your home everyday or every other day during the flu and wash clothes, dishes, blankets, pillows, even curtains. The virus harbor within these things for sure. It may be time consuming and a little frustrating but whatever you can do to take action against the flu, do it!

I try to stay on schedule during the day but sometimes when we have the flu I feel like my day is all over the place. What I like to do is write everything down. What time I give the kids medicine and how much. When they eat or drink something and when they go to the bathroom. I also write down their activity using a scale of 1-5, 1 being not active to 5 being very active. This is very important information for if symptoms worsen, you will have help remembering your child’s day. We do not leave the house during this time. Once the children are feeling better, I dress them appropriately and let them sit on the back porch for maybe two minutes. Encouraging them to get up, get a shower and walk around some, makes a big difference in their recovery as well. However, the advantage of being “lazy” during the time we have the flu is not shunned upon at all.

There you have it! A few extra things I do to fight the flu in our household. Obviously, follow your doctor’s instructions and make sure any extra medication you give your children notify your pediatrician first. Your child health is very important, so don’t take any chances giving them a medication if you are unsure of its effect. Every child is different, especially when it comes to fighting the flu. I hope these extra tips help you and your child find relief when the flu strikes your home.